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In this section you'll find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will quickly find the information you need. If, however, your particular question is not answered below, please don't hesitate to call us at 864-476-6330 or send us an email. You'll receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are your engineering capabilities? We have a full design engineering staff and test facility. Our engineers have over 80 years design and application experience in the electrical switchgear, circuit breaker and transformer components and apparatus.
  • Do you have this product in stock? Our porcelain insulators are in stock, but the balance of our product is made to order. Lead times vary depending on the processes used to manufacture each type of part. General lead times are as follows:
    ~ Porcelain insulators: generally in stock
    ~ PolyKeram insulators: 2-4 weeks
    ~ Porcelain bus and switchgear insulators: 4 weeks
    ~ Current transformers: 3-4 weeks
    ~ Disconnect bushings: 4-6 weeks
    ~ Silicone-rubber shed apparatus bushings: 8-10 weeks
  • Can you expedite? Urgent requests for expedited parts are always welcome and the PBI staff will promptly research all requests based on current material and production availability.
  • Can you reverse engineer an old CT in need of replacement? We can duplicate any 600 voltage class CT once we determine the physical, metering and relaying requirements.
  • Can you refurbish GE, ABB, Westinghouse or other obsolete lifter or stab type bushings currently in the field? We can generally utilize the existing conductor and refurbish bushings utilizing our duresca process at a price favorable to replacement.
  • Can you provide replacement apparatus bushings for breakers in the field? Our silicone-rubber shed capacitive-graded core bushing is the preferred replacement apparatus bushing by our current utility customers. We are happy to quote replacements fro a wide range of GE and Westinghouse bushing no longer available.
  • In what voltage classes are your silicone-shed CRC bushings available? We currently offer 15KV-69KV voltage classes.
  • What is Polykeram? Polykeram is an electrical-grade material developed through the Electric Power Research Institute in the late 1970ís to address the concerns of porcelain: weight, cost, fragility and long lead time. The result was an electrical grade polymer concrete. The Polykeram formulation consists of a proprietary UV-resistant polyester resin filled with a high level of finely-graded silica.
  • Are Polykeram insulators an acceptable substitute for porcelain? Absolutely! The material was originally designed as a porcelain replacement for a variety of applications including outdoor post-type insulators, B-type stand-off insulators, through-wall bus supports and non-standard specialty insulators.
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